I've often been a believer that one makes one's own luck and happiness. That is, in the end, you can't depend on other people to make you happy and to make your luck for you.

Once in a while, though, other people can certainly improve your day and your life.

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This morning, I must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed, as they say.

From my morning shower, through my short drive toward work, I felt agitated and aggravated. Then, a funny thing happened to me: people were nice to me, and it really picked up my mood and made a difference.

The girl that waited on me at the register at the EHT Wawa on the Black Horse Pike at Fire Road told me "Have a nice day" and smiled. The girl who made my order at Wawa smiled and also said, "Have a nice day." (I think her name is Jessica.) On my way out the door at Wawa, the guy several paces in front of me, held on to the door longer than he needed to, so I didn't have to. He also wished me a nice day!

Then, when I walked in the door at work, I passed the WPG Talk Radio 95.5 studio and Harry Hurley offered me a cheerful greeting, as he's done almost every day for a couple of decades now.

By this time, I was uplifted. I felt happier and ready to tackle the day.

Wow! People being kind to you can really change your day.

Thanks for your kindness, my friends - you made a difference in my day!

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