Remember when Birch Grove Park in Northfield had a small zoo, with cougars, a fox, a big deer, and other animals?

The animals have been gone from the park for quite a few years - mostly relocated to other zoos and habitats (although there was that rumor that one of the cougars escaped and is still out there somewhere....).

It was an incident with a male deer in one of the cages that made news in 2003.

According to the New York Times, in September of 2003, the deer, named Popcorn, attacked a female worker. He actually attacked the woman, gouging her with his antlers.

According to the story, "Vicky Rutter, 39, suffered puncture wounds in her back, arm and thigh that required several stitches to close, said Jeffrey L. Bruckler, administrator of the city of Northfield, where the attack occurred. ''It gouged her pretty good,'' Mr. Bruckler said. Ms. Rutter was reported in fair condition yesterday at the Atlantic City Medical Center as she continued her recovery."

Rutter was cleaning the cages of the two cougars from inside the deer cage, when she was attacked. The story says a park ranger and an off-duty police were able to distract the deer and pull Rutter from the cage.

It wasn't long after the attack that the zoo began getting rid of the animals. Eventually, it was no more.


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