Of all the ice cream places I've been too while down the shore, this one takes the cake! I mean...ice cream?! 

Sweet Charlie's in Ocean City is the best thing to happen to South Jersey beach goers since guacamole was invented.

I went to see what all the hype was about over the weekend and I literally didn't want to leave--keep in mind I'm very traditional when it comes to a good soft serve on the boardwalk, but this was something else.

Sweet Charlie's was named after the dog of Cherry Hill Natives-- Kyle and Jacob Billig. The two brothers created this hit ice cream palace after seeing it's first initial break out via a Facebook video.

The Trendy Tai style of "rolled" ice cream allows you to pick your "ice-cream" base--such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a vegan "soy" base (keepin' it healthy). Neither of which have a designated flavor, because the flavor comes from all fresh ingredients.

You can choose between ingredients as simple as fresh strawberries, to cinnamon toast crunch cereal, that gets placed onto a frozen metal plate and then hand chopped into the ice cream base mixture to create your desired flavor.

Once the integration is complete, they flatten the mixture onto the metal plate where they begin "rolling" the ice cream!

After that magic is done, they give you an option to select an unlimited amount of toppings  where you can later take a picture in front of the Sweet Charlies sign to document your ice cream greatness.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

The best part about this is that every single worker is so sweet (get it, sweet charlies) and accommodating! They guide you every step of the way as you create your masterpiece and allow you to watch the whole process unfold! They also are SUPER careful and clean when it comes to allergies, which is really reassuring.

So if I had to recommend a FUN, tasty, and non-traditional excursion for you to try while visiting the Jersey Shore, Sweet Charlies is it!

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