It's all about frisbee this weekend on the Wildwood beach.

When you hit the sand on Saturday, you definitely won't be alone. Obviously, you wouldn't be alone because we're smack dab in the middle of summer here in South Jersey right after a pandemic, at that. It'll be even more wild on the beach tomorrow as Wildwood is hosting the biggest and most epic frisbee tournament in the country.

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Avid frisbee enthusiasts will be flocking from all over the country to South Jersey to participate in this thing. In fact, this tournament is SO BIG, that it's internationally known. According to the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament's website, more than 5000 teams compete from all over the world every year. That's a lot of participants!

The frisbee-athlete invasion has already begun, too! Player check-in for the tournament is Friday, so if you spot a bunch of random people tossing the frisbee around on the beach today, don't give them the side-eye. They're probably practicing.

The American Beach Ultimate Association says that the Wildwood Ultimate Tournament has been a staple for frisbee enthusiasts every year dating all the way back to 1992. All teams that have registered get the chance at two days of play. They'll participate in four games on Saturday and two on Sunday, if not more.

After researching this specific frisbee tournament, it definitely sounds like something that would be interesting to watch. No doubt, there's nothing they can do to keep away spectators since Wildwood's a public beach. You'd probably be able to find a pretty good vantage point from somewhere on the boardwalk.

You can find out all of the information about the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament HERE.

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