Where do you normally go for great potato salad?

I mean, besides Mom or "the wife."

Supermarkets, delis, and even produce places often have some pretty good potato salad. Same with a variety of restaurants.

It's easy to find or make "pretty good" potato salad. It's not easy to find great potato salad.

I like a potato salad where the potato isn't all mushy, and has a little snap to it. It`'s gotta be fresh.

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There are a million kinds of potato salads, and different recipes include different kinds of potatoes, mayonnaise and or mustard, and other items

One of the best potato salads I've had is from a seafood market! Bob's Seafood Market on Tilton Road in Northfield. I've had it several times over the years, and the potato salad is always great and always consistent! Either the same person is making it, or the crew does a great job in following the recipe!

It looks like they use red skin potatoes, and really a perfect mayonnaise mix - not too much, just enough. While I didn't break it down (because I ate it all!), I can tell you there's a little crunchiness, with some perfectly proportioned and cut celery pieces. The potatoes are firm, not over cooked.

Right now, I can't think of anyone selling a better potato salad than Bob's Seafood!

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Where have you had really good potato salad? What's the secret? What ingredients do you like in a potato salad? Let us know in the comments. We're all always up to trying new dishes and recipes!

Oh, by the way, I ordered fresh sea scallops from Bob's. They were awesome!

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