You've heard it once, you've heard the joke a million time. Actually, I should refer to it as a "stereotype" rather than a joke, but still - South Jersey is the Alabama of the Garden State.

You know what they say, right? There are sometimes a bit of truths in certain stereotypes. There really are some characteristics of South Jersey that give merit to the description of this part of the state as "the redneck region."

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For one, South Jersey certainly is the flattest part of the state. There's quite a bit of farmland out in Salem and Cumberland Counties, and people down in this part of Jersey really do live "in the sticks." Not all people do, but some do, certainly.

So, with that being said, we thought it'd be fun to name what we think are the top five most redneck towns here in the southern part of the Garden State.

1.) Vineland

Cumberland County is home to in insane amount of farmland. If you're talking about Vineland specifically, it's HUGE. As a matter of fact, did you know Vineland is the biggest "city" in New Jersey? It's the largest in total area in all of New Jersey. That includes quite a bit of farmland. You'll definitely find plenty of roadside stands in Vineland, that's for sure.

2.) Millville

Right next to Vineland is Millville. Millville is a close second to Vineland on the list. I'd even go as far as to say people in Millville may even have more land than people who own property in Vineland. Lots of properties in Millville are super spread out from one another. Not to mention, you'll definitely find people that chew tobacco out there in Millville.

3.) Pennsville

Now we're getting deep into Salem County. How to explain Pennsville? Well, you've got plenty of people that live in the sticks out that way. It's about as deep into Salem County as you can get before hitting the bay. It's right outside of Delaware. Think about the "redneck" stereotype - drinking beer, hunting, fishing, the occasional trailer park party, Pennsville has it all.

4.) Villas

Everyone from Cape May County would agree that Villas is definitely home to people that would refer to themselves as "redneck fabulous." Cardboard beer cased taped to the garage wall? ✅ Coke bottles with peanuts in them? ✅ Empty tins of SKUL all over? ✅

5.) Hammonton

Hammonton HAD to make the list because that's where the Pinelands start in Atlantic County. You can't talk about rednecks without mentioning the pine barrens. Those kids grew up partying on a farm, running through the pine barrens doing who knows what, going mudding back in the woods in Sweetwater, and riding around in truck beds down Route 206.

If you have any other town you think is more redneck than the one's we've listed, message us on the app to let us know!


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