The figure came out the other day. Something like 19 million people makes money in the United States of America posted on social media.

This includes influencers - and would-be influencers - that post on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Some of these people do great work. Others, not so much.

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I stumbled across a YouTuber doing a pizza review in Atlantic City. It has to be the worst pizza review I've ever seen.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm saying the pizza reviewer is bad, not the pizza or the pizza place.

This guy reviewed one of Atlantic City's great pizza places - Tony Balony's - and actually gave his pizza a good review: 9 out of 10.

My problem is with the reviewer himself. Check it out:

This guy - Recipe Hound - is the reviewer.

He doesn't bother to get out of his vehicle to do the review. (Did they have to being the pizza to him?)

He opens the review with, "I look around, there's nothin' to eat much, unless you go to the casinos and stuff." DUDE! Did you drive around? There are tons of places to eat in Atlantic City! Great places! Tony's Baltimore Grill, the Knife and Fork, Cafe 2825, Dock's Oyster House, White House Sub Shop.... DUDE! Do some freaking research! Drive around! LOOK!

He proceeds to eat the pizza, bite after bite,  licking his fingers the whole time. DUDE! Get some napkins in your car! If reviewing pizza in your car is "your thing" - be prepared!

Gosh! He just licked his fingers again!

After a rough edit start/restart, the video continues with him telling us "The pizza is gone." DUDE! Did you eat an entire large pizza in your car? I think there are support meetings for that!

He then tells us about the funny warnings that Tony Baloney's has in their store. Maybe one of those warnings should be, "Don't eat an entire large pizza in your car!"

Sorry, Recipe Hound, you just don't have it.

Recipe Hound: YouTube subscribers: 538

Dave Portnoy - One Bite Pizza Reviews: 913,000 subscribers.  Check out Portnoy's Atlantic City Pizza reviews here.

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