What do you think happened when they let part of the goat herd get into the snow leopard yard at the Cape May Zoo?

If you're thinking goat kabobs, you're incorrect.

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What happened was a fun time was had by all!

I guess this would be a good time to mention the fact that when the goats were roaming in the leopard compound the snow leopards were locked away in their den, unable to "mingle" with the goats.

That was a close one, right?

According to officials at the Cape May Zoo, the goats had a blast climbing on the structures in the leopard yard. Afterwards, the leopards had a great time smelling the scents that were left behind. (Think about the last time when you smelled a barbecue happening in your neighborhood!)

Here's a look at the snow leopard, Bataar, "exhibiting a flehmen response, a behavior that brings scents into the roof of his mouth to a vomeronasal organ. This organ helps Bataar understand the scents, or chemical messages, left by the goats!"

Here's a look at the goats hanging out in the enclosure, courtesy of the Cape May Zoo:


Courtesy of Cape May ZOo
Courtesy of Cape May Zoo


The Cape May Zoo's Facebook page has some great comments about the Bataar and the goats, including:

  • "Bataar has that  'Ugh! Neighborhood kids running on my lawn' face."
  • "Yummmm, meat was here..."

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