South Jersey's own Mike Trout - the greatest ballplayer on the planet -  is getting the art treatment each and every day.

And, it's kind of weird.

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If you didn't know, Mike Trout is a native of Millville, New Jersey, and is currently the best professional baseball player in the world. Trout plays for the Los Angeles Angels. (By the way, for those of you who think he's soon going to be playing for the Phillies, you are mistaken and uneducated in the matters of how Major League Baseball works.)

Right now baseball is in a lockout. That means baseball ownership and the players don't have an agreement. Until they do, baseball is kind of frozen, with nothing happening. Of course, it's the off-season, so it's the perfect time for the game to be frozen. The problem, though, is if an agreement isn't reached soon, baseball will not be starting on time for 2022.

So, there is a guy posting out in the Twitter universe something very interesting - which I guess is a nice way of saying, "something very weird." I assume he's a guy - I could be wrong.

While I've noticed his place on Twitter, not many other have. At last check he only has 218 followers. Here's a look at more of his "art":


SOURCE: DidItForTheStory (@LockoutArt) - Twitter

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