According to our Cat Country listeners, there is a right way to eat pizza. What is the proper way to eat pizza?

Last week we posted a poll right here on and you answered the age old question. Is there a right way to eat pizza? If there is, which is the correct way? Ok, so that's two questions and they're not age old. They are important however. Very important if you live in New Jersey.

So which way is the right way to eat a slice on the boardwalk?

Folded in half.

Man eating pizza

Over 50% of you said you fold your pizza in half when you eat it. I have to say, this didn't surprise me. This is how I eat pizza and how everyone I know eats it as well.

What other conclusions did we come to?

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Well, just over 21% said they eat pizza open. 13% of you are like me and don't eat the crust. I've been eating it more and more, but as a kid I refused to eat it if it wasn't stuffed crust. 10% blot off grease. I do this with pepperoni pizza. That has way too much grease. Almost 3% of you eat the crust first. Luckily no one said they eat a slice with a fork and knife... However, there is one person who doesn't eat pizza at all. I don't even know how to process that.

No matter how you eat it, enjoy your favorite pizza. This is South Jersey, we know pizza.

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