The new #EatTheRich campaign that emerged on TikTok over the weekend calls for ordinary folks like us to unfollow huge celebrity endorsers like Kendal & Kylie Jenner in order to balance the wealth potentiality on social apps.

According to, the campaign is the brainchild of a TikTok user named Gina Bologna who believes if average social media users like you and me start abandoning our favorite celebrities in droves, it might put a big enough dent in their followings to lessen their earning potentials per post. People with a huge number of followers on apps like Instagram, TikTok, etc. get paid by different businesses to post about their products. How much the celebrity charges is based on that specific person's reach.

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Let's look at someone like TikTok sensation Charli D'amelio. This girl is literally famous for dancing to random TikTok challenges. Because of how quickly her popularity grew on the one app, it automatically translates to at least a good bit of traction in another. She's got 109 million+ followers on TikTok and 38 million on Instagram. Let's say that 10 million of her followers on Instagram were to participate in the #EatTheRich campaign and chose her as one of the celebrities to unfollow. Losing that many followers could impact how much businesses would be willing to pay her to post something about them.

D'amelio currently has a deal worked out with Dunkin Donuts right now. So, if all of a sudden, she were to lose enough followers for it to make a dent in her overall reach, that could potentially lead to less money being forked over to the teenager from a major corporation for a collaboration later down the road. Bologna's reasoning for suggesting the #EatTheRich campaign was to shed light on how much money is passed back and forth between the elite and not enough makes it to those in need.

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