You know you're adulting when you get excited about household items for Christmas. When your former dreams about new sneakers and gift cards to Victoria's Secret turn into dreaming about a new vacuum cleaner or toaster oven, you know the transformation is complete.

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I can firmly attest that it isn't long into your twenties when your favorite stores are suddenly Target, Home Goods, and Bed Bath & Beyond. When you get wind of any one of these franchises going through a drastic slimdown of locations, you get worried. Well, unfortunately that's now the reality for good ole' Bed Bath & Beyond. The home goods retail chain announced a massive closure of more than a few locations across the country, two in Jersey.

Now, they've reportedly expanded that list to include the Bed Bath & Beyond in Toms River, Ocean County. With the holidays right around the corner, this is not good news for anyone planning to spend some money getting some household goods for friends and loved ones (me; it's not good news for someone like me). So far, they haven't announced an official closing date. Maybe that will mean the Toms River location will be open for holiday shopping, however it'll be bittersweet since reports say you can no longer use coupons at that location. says that if you happen to be a Beyond+ member, you can in fact still use coupons. Of course, all coupons should still be valid online.

Hopefully, shoppers will be able to get one more holiday in at the Toms River location, but that hasn't been revealed just yet.




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