If you've never been on a whale or dolphin-watching boat, you really need to put it on your bucket list.

I've been on these types of boats in Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Florida, but there is some great watching available right here in South Jersey!

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Our friends at the Cape May Whale Watcher do an incredible job, taking folks out into the water to witness some of the coolness that nature has to offer.

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They offer day cruises, dinner cruises, evening cruises, and more. Their trips even are guaranteed: you will see marine mammals, like whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Find out more about their trips here. They really do a great job of not only showing you mammals but explaining facts about their lives in and around Cape May. You may even get a little history lesson too. Experienced captains and crews make the adventures even better.

The nice folks at Cape May Whale Watched have been kind enough to share some spectacular photos with us, which you can check out below. A big thanks to Kristen for taking and sharing these amazing pictures!

For More Information: Cape May Whale Watcher and Cape May Whale Watcher on Facebook.

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