A 43-year-old Ventnor woman has been sentenced for the 2018 killings of her mother and grandmother.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner says Heather Barbera, 43, of Ventnor  was sentenced before Thursday to state prison with an aggregate sentence of 42 years with 40 years and 2 months without parole.

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Barbera had pleaded guilty to charges in October. She used blunt force trauma to kill her mother, Michelle Gordon, 67, and her grandmother, Elaine Rosen, 87.

According to Tyner:

This tragic incident illustrates that domestic violence and the disease of addiction impacts so many families in all of our communities. The defendant singlehandedly altered the course of her entire family by taking the lives of her mother and grandmother. As a result she’ll have the next 40-plus years to think about her actions.


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