It's summer in the Garden State. That means residents should always plan for traffic delays, particularly in and around the towns that border the shore regions.

Police have warned Atlantic County residents about traffic delays they're expecting due to an MLAA regional baseball tournament heading to the area this weekend. A local alert was sent out and posted to social media alerting residents to the event that could translate into significant traffic around Underhill Park over the next few days.

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The Mays Landing Athletic Association is hosting the tournament, so that means the area around Underhill Park and Route 40 in Atlantic County will have a lot of visitors clogging up the roadways from June 21st through the 28th. What does that mean for locals? Well, you'll just have to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go.

As previously mentioned, South Jersey is used to high traffic volume during the summer months. That's why most locals stick to the backroads while most tourists occupy the major highways. Still, with the influx of people attending the tournament, there's a chance that the backroads local residents use to avoid shore traffic this time of year will also see a lot of congestion.

If you have to travel that way over the next few days, police are warning you to be on high alert for pedestrians so that you're prepared to stop when necessary.

You can check out the local alert sent to Atlantic County residents HERE. The Hamilton Township Police Department also shared it on their Facebook page. Check that out below.

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