Rarely do I write a story when my adrenalin is up and I'm pissed off.

Not today, though. Not today.

As I write this, I've just arrived at our studio and offices. It's just a couple of minutes after 4 am and I'm actually shaking a little bit.

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Usually, my morning commute to work is uneventful. The most exciting thing might be a deer standing on the side of the road or a skunk or groundhog scurrying across my path.

Not today. Not this morning.

Today, I had to deal with an a**hole behind the wheel of a car. (Yes, the above photo is the actual car, with the license plate blocked out.)

I was on Mill Road - a two-lane road -  headed to work when I stopped for a red light at Spruce street. I was the only car around when I stopped. Ten seconds later, there was a car right behind me also waiting for the light. It literally showed up out of nowhere.

As the light changed, I started to go, and the car behind me flashed its lights and swooped right around to the left of me and passed me! At first, I thought it was a police officer. A police officer, though, doesn't swerve right back in front of your car causing you to slam on your brakes!

I continued ahead and actually caught up to the car at the next light, at Fire Road.  I stayed several car lengths behind the car at the red light, not quite sure of what might happen. (Yes, it did run through my head to jump out of my car with a golf club in my hand, but thankfully, common sense kicked in right about that time.)

As we waited for the light a car approached across the intersection and stopped at the traffic light directly in front of us, headed toward us.

The other car got the light first and started accelerating, while we were stopped. It's a "timed" traffic light - allowing for the traffic in the opposite direction to go first.

That didn't stop this idiot, though! Through the red light, he punched the accelerator and almost turned left into the path of this other car approaching our way. Luckily he swerved and went behind the car - all while the light was still red.

What a maniac! Hopefully, it wasn't your son (or daughter, or husband, or wife).

I went in a different direction and said a silent prayer that this person was close to his destination and wouldn't kill anyone along the way.

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