A police officer reporting for a new shift has no idea what he or she will be encountering for the next eight hours. Will it be a "routine" day or something extraordinary?

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This past Saturday night around 9pm, Winslow Township Police officer Officer Jarel Ferren found himself pulling an elderly woman to safety after finding her apartment on fire. That would be something extraordinary - but, obviously something he was trained for and is ready to do if events warrant.

Winslow Township Police say Ferren was patrolling an apartment complex located at the corner of Church Road and Sickler Avenue, when he saw flames coming from one of the units.

Police say Officer Ferren notified the department's communication center, then entered the building through the front door. "Once inside the smoke filled apartment, he heard cries for help. Officer Ferren pushed through the smoke towards the cries and located and elderly woman laying on the floor. She was carried out to safety where he began first aid until Winslow Township EMS arrived."

The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation and burns.

"Other responding officers evacuated all the residents in the same apartment building. The Winslow Township Fire Department quickly responded and extinguished the fire, keeping it contained to only one apartment. The victim's dog and parrot were also rescued without incident."

Great work by Officer Ferren and other officers from the Winslow Township Police Department and the Winslow Township Fire Department.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Camden County Fire Marshall's office.

SOURCE: Winslow Township Police Department.

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