Not to break your heart but lines have officially been drawn, and it's not in our favor, Birds fans. Yes, you read that title correctly.

It appears our beloved Wawa is ditching its loyalty to us in favor of another bird, the Ravens. But whyyyyyy, Wawa?? Why would you do such a thing when we love you so much?! that Wawa shared the news via social media that they're now "the official hoagie of the Baltimore Ravens". Even saying that out loud feels like your mouth should be scrubbed out with soap. It's unclear why they've chosen to betray us like this, but hearts are breaking all over Eagles country. And just a few weeks shy of preseason, too.

Apparently, the pairing is an attempt to overtake the claim Royal Farms has across Ravens's country. Understandable, but doesn't mean we're any less bitter about it.

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