Everybody loves to make fun of us when we share anything related to sea life making an appearance off of South Jersey's many beach coastlines. Truth be told, can you blame us?

Sure, we know the presence of sharks, dolphins, seals, etc. are to be expected to make an appearance from time to time, but it's still exciting when they do! Even though the beaches of South Jersey are known for dolphins and whale sightings off the coast, it's still fun to talk about them when someone was able to capture some really good photos of such an occurrence.

It sounds like that's exactly what happened this weekend. Apparently, whales were spotted off the coast of Cape May! Some really great pictures were taken, too! That's the best part, of course.

Sure, people have seen one or two during the winter, but whenever spring officially hits this region, it's normal for all the animals to start making themselves known to us in an even bigger way. Think about it. First, it was coyotes last week in Wildwood. Now, it's the sea life!

The whales were spotted from the Cape May Whale Watcher, a dolphin and whale tour boat based off of Wilson Drive in Cape May. The post to Facebook says that the captains were trying to get close enough to get a glimpse of a humpback whale that was just a bit south of the Cape May coastline. Well, their perseverance paid off and now, they have the pictures to prove it.

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Pretty soon, we'll probably get to see some really great pictures of all the dolphins back in this area again.

Take a look HERE.

Kudos to the Cape May Whale Watcher for giving everyone the first look of the spring season! Hopefully, there will be many more sightings to come during summer 2022.

Source: Facebook

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