The Farmer’s Almanac has been published since 1792, and people still rely on the weather predictions more than 200 years later. So what's in store for New Jersey this winter? It's not looking pretty for Garden State residents who don't own a shovel!

The formula behind how the Almanac predicts the weather is one has been kept secret since the founder, Robert B. Thomas, devised this formula based on his belief that the weather is influenced by sunspots. Even though this formula is kept in a locked box, literally, there have been changes to it over the years. The mathematicians and scientists base the statistical average every thirty years. The most recent average claims a success rate of 80%.

So again, what does that mean for New Jersey this year? Well the Almanac’s prediction is cold and snowy this January and February. The prediction reads that temperature averages will be in the low 30's with most of the winter weather happening in January and February but may even extend into mid-March.

Some red-flagged dates to look out for are January 20-23, February 16-19, and March 20-23.

Make sure to warm up your snowblowers, and get out ahead of time to pick up your milk and bread before the storms set it!


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