I've seen people do lists on what's hot on Amazon, what's weird on Amazon, and haul videos. This is mixing all three. I'm calling it a pre-haul since I haven't actually purchased anything yet. Amazon now has a feature where people can create lists of the things they like, many influencers use this as a way to show their followers what products they use.

I was on Amazon earlier, adding stuff to my cart and realized there is no rhyme or reason to it. I usually add things to my cart I like, but might not actually buy. When I get ready to buy something I save everything else for later. This list will be a combination of the both.

  • 1

    Floral Cat Ears

    I am sad to say that I already own two pairs of rhinestone cat ears.. These are so cute thought! Check them out here.

    ZTL via Amazon
  • 2


    In fairness this is for a video. I saw a video on Instagram of this product and was amazed. You add flavored drinks to make flavored bubbles!!! I clearly have to try out Lick-A-Bubble.

    Lick-A-Bubble via Amazon
  • 3

    White Embossing Powder

  • 4

    Cat Socks

    I obviously have a thing for cats. I do love cats. I don't wear skirts that often and I don't wear any shorter skirts/shorts in which I could actually wear these. They're just super cute.

    OVERMAL via Amazon
  • 5

    Damask Crock Pot

  • 6

    Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film "The Imitation Game"

  • 7


    I stumbled upon these bubbles when I found Lick-A-Bubble. Pretty much these are Lick-A-Bubble for pets. The cat version is infused with catnip and the dog version is peanut butter flavored. I really want to test these out on my cat and dogs.

    Pet Qwerks via Amazon
  • 8

    Wella Hair Bleach

  • 9

    Curtain of Lights

  • 10

    Doctor Who Plush

  • 11


    Let's be real I have no idea why I have a treadmill on my list. I had a gym membership for two years that I had to pay for every month and I never stepped foot in the gym once. Lord knows I wouldn't actually use the treadmill. It would become a larger version of the chair you put semi clean clothes on.

    Confidence via Amazon