Amazon delivery trucks have been parking at a near-empty shopping center in Deptford for a while. Now, the township says they can't anymore. But what's the big deal?

No offense to Deptford Crossing off Clements Bridge Road near Deptford Mall, but it's been struggling to keep proprietors as new shopping complexes (with better exposure) get built-in surrounding areas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

PetSmart left. Ulta left. DSW left. Two big stores remain, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, flanked by a Dollar Tree and Ollie's Bargain Outlet. The reality is Deptford Crossing has more empty storefronts than occupied ones.

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Over in the empty PetSmart lot where there's literally nothing going all, Amazon Prime trucks have been parking there. Reportedly, Amazon drivers show up to the parking lot, leave their cars, and pick up their delivery trucks. What's the problem? It's not like the space is currently being used for anything else.

According to Courier Post, the owner of Deptford Crossing had no problem back in 2018 signing a two-year lease of its empty parking lot to Amazon, but the township's zoning board pushed back and won.

An appeals court recently found the zoning board “was justifiably concerned that the arrival, departure, and parking of Amazon trucks and vans in ‘waves’ throughout the day could have a detrimental impact upon the patrons and employees of the retail stores in the shopping center".

Google Maps
Google Maps

But how? Deptford Crossing is a HUGE complex and takes up a massive amount of real estate. It's not like droves of people are going there on a daily basis (as previously mentioned, there are hardly any stores there).

What I think is really going on here, is that the township doesn't want people to have one more reminder that they can stay home and order things they need off Amazon, instead of driving to one of the stores at Deptford Crossing. They simply sound scared.

You can read more about the battle between Amazon and Deptford Township here.

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