People are the best, aren't they?

While driving from Vineland through Hamilton Township on Landis Avenue, I came across the above signs on a telephone poll at the intersection of Estelle Avenue.

On top, spray-painted in orange, a simple, "Rhonda I Love You."

On the sign immediately underneath, a stern black and white sign, "Dump Roger Silva."

The plot thickens.

Are the two signs related? Or, are they two separate signs, simply sharing a telephone pole, much like two flyers posted on a grocery store bulletin board.

I am stumped.

I don't like to be stumped.

What's the story here? Are the signs related, or not?

Who's Rhonda and who loves her? Does Rhonda even care? Does she even know? Has she seen the signs? How long have they been there?

Who's Roger Silva? Who should dump him? Rhonda? Or, someone else? Why not Roger? He seems like a decent fellow from what I know of him.. which is that he has the same number of letters in his first name as he does in his last. (He's balanced, right?)

So, here's where you come in. We have to know! Can you help with more information? Post it in the comments or email me:

In the meantime, here's to you, Rhonda! Somebody loves you!

And, here's to you, Roger Silva! You're a mystery man, to say the least!

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