Happy National Burrito Day!


Before you and I can truly be friends, you need to know that if there is EVER a day on the calendar to celebrate Tex Mex or any type of Mexican food, then I'll be the first one in line for the piñata. Mexican food (or Tex Mex; I know how some people hate to refer to Tex Mex as Mexican food, but I'm talking about both) has to be my absolute favorite food of all time. It's right up there with sushi and pizza. I'd have to say that Mexican food will come out on top for me every time since I even cook with those spices in dishes that they probably don't belong in.

Since today is National Burrito Day, you already know what I'll be having for dinner. This year, though, it's tricky because I can't just go out and get my usual order. I'm currently attempting to keep myself on a low-carb diet. Ya know... trying to get in shape for the summer. So, a traditional burrito is off the table for me this year. A burrito bowl it is, then. I really shouldn't be eating rice, but I probably will get the smallest helping of brown rice in my bowl today just so it's not technically a salad and I can still claim that I participated in the celebration.


Luckily, there are a few deals around South Jersey that we can take advantage of today if you plan on grabbing a burrito for dinner on this glorious holiday.

1.) Taco Bell

According to Delish.com, Taco Bell is offering a pretty sweet deal in the form of 100 reward points for those enrolled in their rewards membership program. If you order a burrito from Taco Bell today, you'll be forwarded the rewards points no questions asked.

2.) Chipotle

What do Chipotle and Bitcoin have in common? Usually, that answer is "nothing". Today, however, isn't like any other day. Today, Chipotle is playing a game called Burritos or Bitcoin. If you guess correctly the 6-digit code, you'll get to choose between either a free burrito or $25k worth of bitcoin.

3.) Moe's Southwest Grill

Burrito bowls and burritos for only $5 today? Sign me up!
For even more deals to take advantage of on National Burrito Day, click HERE.

Source: Delish.com



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