How often do you find yourself engaging in a little birdwatching?

Even if you're usually more of a people watcher than a birdwatcher, I'm going to encourage you to keep your eyes on the sky over the next few weeks.

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You may not be aware of it, but New Jersey is home to hundreds of different bird species. There are clubs up and down the Jersey coastline dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on which birds congregate where and when. It's thanks to them (and science, of course) that we know the most active time of year for raptors here in the Garden State.

Yeah, I said raptors. Not these kind, though...


No, we're not in Jurassic Park. I'm referring to predatory birds that usually fly through the NJ skies as their passing through on their way south for the season. Hawks have to pass right though the Garden State to make their way to somewhere warm. For many, it's as far south as South America.

Birds of prey usually fly through New Jersey to make their way to their winter homes usually from September through November. It wouldn't be out-of-the-ordinary for you to realize that you've noticed quite a few of them over the last few weeks. Maybe, you just didn't know why.

According to the folks at Cape May Hawkwatch, over several hundred have been spotted in that region over the first two days of November, alone. No doubt, there will be more. Why are they clinging to the coastline? Well, it actually helps them take advantage of the different wind patterns in an effort to conserve their energy for the long commute.

To find out more about the Cape May Hawkwatch, click HERE.

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