10 years of protecting lives on the Wildwood Beaches.  100's of great memories.  1 cancer diagnosis.

That's what happened to Chris Callahan.

Callahan, an English teacher, has been battling colon cancer for two years.

He started having some pain in his abdomen, pushing the symptoms off for almost a year.  He finally had a colonoscopy.  His doctors discovered the cancer right away.

According to Shore News Today,

Callahan described what happened next as being like a whirlwind. Tests determined it was Stage 3-plus. They found the cancer in three lymph nodes, and felt there were probably more. He said within three days he was started on radiation and chemotherapy.

Callahan missed the summer of 2015 on the lifeguard stand, but he made a return this summer.  He never wanted cancer to take over his life.  He wanted to do everything he always did.

He continued to teach while going through chemotherapy and tried to live a normal life.  I know Wildwood is glad to have him back protecting their beaches!

Very courageous!

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