A house in Wildwood, New Jersey known to locals as the 'pizza slice' house was relocated earlier this year, and now sits way above ground.

Until recently, the pizza house, built in the early 1960s, had been located on the corner of Park Blvd. and W. Bennett Ave. in Wildwood.

But the owners of the property decided they wanted to redevelop the lot and do away with the pizza house.

That's when Preserving the Wildwoods: A Community Alliance began a plea to help save the house which had become a piece of local iconography.

The home's owners agreed to let the pizza house go for free under ONE condition: Whoever wanted to take it had to move it off the property within two weeks.

And so, in 2021 the home was acquired by Ed Bixby, owner of Steelmantown Green Burial Preserve. The home was his for the taking, but it couldn't stay where it was. He had to move it. He did, to his horse farm in Woodbine, thanks to the generosity of SJ Hauck Construction, which meant the pizza house got to stay in Cape May County, Wildwood Video Archive reports.

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Some new photos of the pizza house (on SJ Hauck's Facebook page) at its new resting place show the home now sits above ground, like, HIGH above. 10 feet, to be exact. It's been put on wooden pillars and raised. It also looks to have received new windows and maybe even a new paint job.

courtesy SJ Hauck Construction/Facebook
courtesy SJ Hauck Construction/Facebook

Wildwood Video Archive speculates maybe a whole brand-new bottom floor will be built below the original structure. If that turns out to be the case, we can't wait to see how it ends up looking.

There was talk of Bixby making the pizza house into an Airbnb at some point. We'll follow up on that.

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