We shared the news a few weeks back that you could own the legendary "pizza house," an A-frame style house that existed in the Wildwoods since the mid 1900s.

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As previously reported, the home was crafted for bottle collectors as their, sort-of, hideout for their meetings. The whole concept gives off major Little Rascals vibes. I was too young for the show, but the movie from the 90s will always be a classic to me. The Wildwood "Pizza House" reminds me of the clubhouse from the movie, albeit theirs was NOT an A-frame and definitely not as cool as this one.

We also shared that if you had a desire to own one of the last original houses from the Wildwoods, you were going to have to figure out how to move it. For a while there, the house was facing potential demolition. However, it has now been officially saved and, as of Tuesday, moved to its new location.

The house was moved from the corner of Park Boulevard and Bennett Avenue after a local  group called Preserving The Wildwoods successfully campaigned to find someone to take over the property. So, who is now the lucky owner of the Wildwood "Pizza House?" The man's name is Ed Bixby. He runs the Steelmantown Green Burial Preserve, a cemetery that's essentially eco-friendly, on which he says the house could potentially be used as a caretaker's house. Bixby told the Press of Atlantic City that he also can see it functioning as some kind of AirBnB in the future.

At least the house was saved!

To find out all of the new owner's ideas for the house, you can click HERE.

Sources: PressOfAtlanticCity.com, Facebook

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