The legendary wooden roller coaster on Morey's Pier in Wildwood, the Great White, has been undergoing some updates over the last few years.

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According to Wildwood Video Archive, work began to the coaster back in 2016. It looks, however, to be shortly coming to an end for Wildwood's 25-year-old coaster. The coaster was built in 1996 with small upgrades being made here and there over the years. The most recent update seems to show the last bit of work being done to the track that lies towards the end of the ride.

A revamping is always necessary in an effort to keep these coasters in tip-top shape. If the coasters weren't kept up with, they'd eventually need too much work done at once which would, most likely, result in their time on the boardwalk coming to an end. It's never easy to say goodbye to one of your favorite boardwalk rides, especially if it's one as legendary as the Great White.

Wildwood Video Archive also has reported that guests can expect to experience some new trains to ride in on this roller coaster come the start of the 2021 summer season. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't set any of the progress back at all. Who knows? Maybe, we'll even get to enjoy the revamped coaster mask-free this year.

One can only hope, right? Still, it's nice to see the rides are still being treated as priorities amid the pandemic.


Source: Wildwood Video Archive, Youtube


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