Americans watch an average of four hours of Television per day - thats a lot of TV! Mix that in with an 9-5 job and  errands you have to do, and chances are you're not getting nearly enough as much as exercise as you should be.

Luckily, during your television time, there's a easy way to sneak it in at the end of the day. Just do some of the simple workouts below to increase your activity level.  Remember, every little bit adds up!

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    Commercial breaks are around 2-minutes in length - thats the perfect amount of time for planks! Place your elbows and forearms on the ground, and push so the only other part of you touching the floor is your toes. This will help tighten your abdominals.

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    Another classic ab workout, make it a challenge to see how many crunches you can do in a single commercial break!  Once you get good at it, you can start doing these during the show.

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    If you have a treadmill or stationary bike, this is the perfect time to dust it off.  Use it during the actual show, and use commercials as a break. Two episodes of your favorite sitcom and you've already trained for an hour!

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