Not sure if I've ever personally witnessed any part of the Wildwoods this foggy.

Footage was captured earlier this week then shared to Wildwood Boardwalk's Facebook page of the Ferris wheel on Morey's Pier barely visible amid all the fog the beach was experiencing Thursday morning. Its only give-away was the rainbow colored lights that were only slightly shining through the clouds. If your vision's not the greatest, chances are you'd have a difficult time identifying it.

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Check it out:

Since South Jersey is expected to get even more rain and thunderstorms Friday evening into Saturday, who knows if this sight will repeat itself. It's trippy to look at, isn't it? This is the level of fog that I absolutely cannot stand to drive in. You can't seen two feet in front of you!

If the whether gets bad this weekend, make sure you stay safe!

Source: Facebook



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