Not many homes look like this one in Wildwood. It looks like something out of a storybook. Interested? The tiny, triangular house can be yours for free, but there's just one catch.

You'd have to move it yourself.

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No, not move INTO it, actually move IT.

This house, that some locals reportedly call 'pizza house' because of its shape, started out as a clubhouse for bottle collectors when it was built on Park Blvd. and W. Bennett Ave. in 1960, according to the community alliance group Preserving the Wildwoods.

Preserving the Wildwoods is the same group trying to protect the home and its history now that the lot is slated for redevelopment.

The owner of the home will reportedly it go for free to the first person willing and able to transport it away.

Hey, tiny houses are all the rage! This one even has a second floor, as shown in the photo below from


Preserving the Wildwoods says the home can be dismantled first, if necessary, but they'd like to see someone step up and take it as soon as possible.

If you're interested, email or call 609-425-1202. More info on the home can be found on Preserving the Wildwoods' official Facebook page.

Hey, if you've got a big enough property to place it on, you could turn this triangle house into an amazing clubhouse, or kids cottage, or she-shed of your very own!

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