There are certain stories you hear about that you know immediately need to be heard by the masses. This is definitely one of them.

Meet Billy Dinnerstein, a man who grew up in foster care, so he knows how to interact with so many different kinds of people. Dinnerstein says he's no stranger to the misunderstood.

In a feature on Good Morning America, Dinnerstein was featured for the amazing work that he's doing with neurodivergent children. If you're unfamiliar with the term, here's the best way to define it.

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According to the folks over at Harvard Health, neurodiversity is a term used to explain the fact that people don't experience the world around us all in the same way. There is no right way of interacting with the world as everyone's way is different in some form or another.

Two of the most common neurodivergent types of people are those diagnosed with either ADHD or Autism. Fun fact: you can be diagnosed with both, even though the conditions were once considered mutually exclusive.

Some of the most misunderstood people in our society are neurodiverse children. That's mainly because people aren't educated in how to interact with them. You need to understand how their minds work and their sensitivities if you're going to put your best foot forward with these particular kids.

Dinnerstein proved he wasn't intimidated when he opened 'Your Kind of Cuts,' a sensory-friendly barbershop located in Nutley, New Jersey, just north of Newark.

NJ Man Changing Kids' Lives With Sensory-Friendly Barbershop
@yourkindofcuts via Instagram

While so many others refuse to work with these kids, Dinnerstein welcomed the challenge. He understands what these kids need and the patience it takes to get them over the hurdle that can come with the sensory issues that occur when getting their haircut.

He's not intimidated. Dinnerstein says he's happy to do it. That's especially true, he says, since there aren't many establishments that would invest the time it takes to make sure these kids and families are receiving the best service possible.

Kudos to this amazingly kind man and the INCREDIBLE work he's doing for all of New Jersey! Yes, he has clients from all over the Garden State.

You can follow him on Instagram HERE.

Source: Instagram

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