Apparently love doesn't stand a chance if you and your spouse live in Wildwood or Ventnor!

The website, Roadsnacks, is out with its list of "The 10 Cities in New Jersey With The Highest Divorce Rates" and Wildwood and Ventnor are both in the TOP 3!

The city of Hight is first on the list, followed by Wildwood and Ventnor.

According to the site, Hight has 16.3% of residents over 15 years of age as being divorced. Wildwood is 15.4% and Ventnor is 14.7%.The overall divorced rate in New Jersey is 8.5%, while the national rate is 10.9%.

If you are thinking - "Hey! I thought the divorce rate is closer to 50%, you're right... but, that's not what they are measuring: "We are looking at counts and percentages of people over 15 years old who are currently divorced."

So, is this just some wacky list thought up by some wacky editors who probable don't even live in New Jersey? Yeah, probably. If you wish to check out the entire story, and find out whether your city or town made the Top 100, you can do so here. (Somers Point and Millville both came close to the Top 10.)


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