Thanks to this new concept from the U.K. based company Argos, your cats have no tree left to ravage. 

Argos has released a half Christmas tree. Standing at 6 feet tall, this tree comes with the top half, but no bottom. Gone are the days that you'd come home from work to find your furry friends nesting in the tree branches with ornaments all over the floor.


Now, you have the best of both worlds: the number one Christmas decoration and no destruction to clean. It's displeasing to the eye at first, but you can't beat the practicality. makes a good point: the tree is also perfect for people with toddlers on their hands. Junior has to have his hands on everything, right? Well, with Argo's half Christmas tree, problem solved.

There is a catch, though. The tree is only sold in the U.K. *sad face*


Maybe, though, the tree will be in such high demand here in the states that some company will start to manufacture their own. One can only hope, right?



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