The pests are never too far away.

South Jersey residents have no idea how true that statement actually is since the biggest metropolis within close proximity to us was just found to have the worst rat and roach infestations in the entire United States. YUCK!

I don't know about you, but I'm not scared of too much. Spiders? No problem. Bees? Eh, if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. Snakes? Some of them are really cool. Two things in this life I don't mess around with are rodents and roaches.

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I'm not even afraid of insects, but there's something about the thought of roaches in my house that makes my hair stand up. Ew, my skin's crawling as I type this just thinking about it. Roaches aren't attracted to cleanliness. Sure, if you live in an apartment building, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you could eat off your toilet because it's so clean, if your neighbors are nasty, there's probably bugs within your building. Not necessarily your unit though, but definitely in your building. However, I just can't deal with the thought of having bugs like that within my living space. I'm the person that everyone jokes about that would burn their place down if they saw roaches... or rats, for that matter.

I'm totally kidding. I would never commit arson for any reason (obviously), not even over a rodent or bug or two, however that doesn't mean I wouldn't move. If I were a Philly resident, I'd do everything in my power right now to make sure there was no possible way the blame could land on me if I found evidence of one or the other. Rats are Philly's major problem.

According to a new study, Philly has the worst rat problem out of all of the U.S's major cities. There's two reasons that grosses me out: 1) Philly's not even the biggest city in the country. The fact that there's a bigger problem in Philly in comparison to literally every other city in the United States is just..... wild. Basically, you're never alone. There's eyes always watching you, and they belong to a nasty rat that's lurking somewhere close by. EW! 2.) South Jersey's really not that far away from Philly. All I imagine is those nasty things making their way over here and taking over. WORLD DOMINATION! Kidding, but seriously, though....

I know we have plenty of rodents over here to worry about, but the thought of being that close to that big of a problem? YUCK.

Good luck sleeping at night, Philly. I don't know if I could without suspecting that every single creek or bump was a rodent making themselves my new roommate.


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