Labor Day has come and gone which means it's finally that time of year every South Jersey resident has been waiting for: LOCAL SUMMER!

Local summer is the best time of year to take advantage of the beach. The list could go on forever explaining that fact, but these four reasons why local summer is the tops pretty much sums it up.


  • 1

    Shoobies are gone!

    So long, shoooobs! All the day trippers and tourists hogging up the left lane are OUTTA HERE! Bottom line, we finally have the beaches back to ourselves. Enjoy.


  • 2

    No more beach tags!

    Speaking of the beaches, they're now free once again to spend a day basking in the sun. Which is great news since, unlike the shoobies and bennies, we know there are still many epic beach days to be had especially since the temperatures don't start to drop until almost October.

  • 3

    Short lines!

    The rides are still open for a short while more on the boardwalks. With the shoobies gone, that means you'll be able to knock out all the rides in a fraction of the time. Question is, which pier are you going to start with?

  • 4

    Irish Weekend!

    Okay, so not only Irish Weekend, but all the fun fall activities at the beach are coming up and they can't be missed. There's the Celebrate American parade this weekend on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Coming up this month, there's also Firemen's Weekend, Irish Weekend, and Boots At The Beach all in North Wildwood! Not to mention all the awesome fall beer events coming up all along the Jersey shore.

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