In celebration of National One-Hit Wonder Day, we wanted to honor some of our favorites.

Isn't it the best? Hearing a song you absolutely loved but totally forgot it existed?

Some of the greatest jams are from one-hit wonders. That's the worst though, actually. It's happened to you. You're completely obsessed with a song on the radio only to have it fade from your memory and into obscurity, never hearing from that artist again. Then, one day, the song magically graces the airwaves once more, you feel that fuzzy warm nostalgia, and your day is made.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite songs by one-hit wonders that still to this day give us all the feels.

But first - we want to mention one song we're not including the list, but it was a viral one-hit wonder regionally. Here's Marcel with the hit 'Country Rockstar':

Now, get ready to jam!