It's officially September.

Not that it wasn't two days ago, but now that Labor Day is behind us, it's safe to focus on everything that September brings, i.e fall things, Halloween costumes, and *ahem* holiday preparations.

Though fall itself doesn't hit us until later this month, holiday spam will hit your newsfeed much sooner than that. Once the Thanksgiving and Christmas ads start showing themselves, it's not too long after that you'll find yourself scratching items off your Christmas shopping list.

Bearing that in mind, we thought it'd be a nice gesture to remind you which stores may not be there for you this holiday season. There's so many of them shutting down this year!

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    Gymboree was once a parent go-to for baby fashion. Unfortunately, most Gymboree locations in South Jersey are permanently closed including the ones in the Hamilton Mall, the Gloucester Premium Outlets, and the one in Atlantic City.

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    This one isn't too much of a shock since most of their South Jersey locations shut their doors in May, but you'll have to find another 'shoesource' for the holiday season because Payless no longer exists.

    It's a shame, too... their accessories were awesome.

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    Over half of Gap's locations are set to shut their doors within the next two years. With so many spread out across South Jersey, one of them is bound to close. Only time will tell, I guess.

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    Family Dollar

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    Well, that's pretty evident, isn't it? Dollar G's has taken over South Jersey. You'd be hard-pressed to find as many Family Dollars as you can Dollar Generals. There are a few up and down Atlantic and Cape May Counties, but these days a vacant lot appears and Dollar General are the first ones to scoop it up.

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    Charlotte Russe

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    When I say I used to live at Charlotte Russe, I'm being 100% honest. This place had great jeans, the best holiday outfits, and was the best spot for cheap clubwear before Fashion Nova came into play.

    Unfortunately, Charlotte Russe announced

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    According to, H&M announced plans to close 160 stores this year. Luckily, the Atlantic City and Hamilton Mall locations are still open for business. Who knows what the next few months will bring...

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    This isn't fake news. If you live in an area where you have three or more Starbucks locations within a 10 minute radius, I'd be nervous.

    Starbucks announced it plans to close 150 stores this year in areas where too many are open. They say that too many locations in one area is inadvertently bad for overall business.

    Hopefully, none will shut down in our region.