When I first moved back to New Jersey in November, I resided at The Sheraton in the convention center.  I must say, it was a nice hotel, great service and at night, I had a wonderful view of the city lights.

One thing I found out quickly, was the city itself lacked certain essential businesses.  Businesses that would be pretty obvious in most cities.

For instance, when I needed to go to a supermarket, I had to make a 20-minute ride to the ShopRite on Whitehorse Pike in Absecon.  Not the most convenient of situations.  As many options as we have around us, it seems like we have to travel a bit to get to many of the things we like.

Someone started an interesting thread on a local Facebook group asking the question, "What business restaurant would you bring to the area if you could?"

There were quite a few good responses.

For instance, someone brought up the suggestion that the area could use some establishments that serve breakfast, other than the casinos.  The casinos are good, but parking is an issue if you're just going for breakfast.

Leonard Hall suggested a Buc-ee's.  If you don't know about Buc-ee's, they're massive rest stops that are located mostly in Texas, as well as a few Southern states.  You have to visit one to understand the appeal.  I'm not sure where you'd put it, but it's an interesting thought.

Lots of folks want to see a Trader Joe's and Wegman's.  These offer upscale grocery shopping.

Tom Mullen has a great suggestion, a New Jersey Transit line connecting us to North Jersey, and New York.  This would be helpful to our AC resorts as well.

Other suggestions included, In-N-Out Burgers, The Cheesecake Factory and a host of other restaurants.

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