Not if you're over 40, you can't. Allegedly....

It's the sound that makes the social media rounds every few years that always drives everyone nuts.

This Facebook post has gotten almost 50k shares in a matter of 48 hours. A woman shared this sound that is rumored only to be heard by those under 40. Her kids can hear it, but she cannot.

It's supposed to be like those sounds only dogs can hear. Remember those ringtones you had in middle school and high school that the teachers couldn't hear? That's basically what this is, but I've always wondered whether they really couldn't hear them. Apparently not...

Can you hear it? Joe says he can't hear anything whatsoever, but I hear it clear as day! It sounds like your ears are ringing and it's basically like nails on a chalk board. Here's a shortcut to the sound:

OOOOF! I seriously can't believe that anyone WOULDN'T be able to hear that. Whether you can or can't, leave your results in the comments below.

Source: Facebook, Youtube

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