People who struggle with worrying know that trying to stop will mostly likely only cause them to stew even more. Most of us worry about something from time to time, but how do you know when you are actually worrying too much?

On common symptom is poor sleep which can lead to poor emotional functioning, which increases stress, and then prompts even worse sleep. Change that cycle by making an effort to get to bed earlier. Set a timer on your cell phone to remind you to get to bed. Can’t seem to shake off being upset? Get up and move around, take a walk or do some other physical activity. Chances are you will feel a lot better and have a different perspective on what was bothering you. Another way to reduce worry...write it down. It can be cathartic to release your worries to the written word. And don’t be afraid to talk to someone or seek professional help.  It is not a sign a weakness but a sign of strength. Too much worry can even be harmful to your health. Take this quiz to see where your worry and anxiety level are at and to learn how to lower them down over time.



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