It might be "Cooler by a Mile", but the Borough of Avalon's beaches and boardwalks will be closing each night do to "unsafe and disruptive behavior."

Fox 29 reports that officials in Avalon have signed an executive order that restricts access to the beach and boardwalk during late night hours.

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It's reported that the mayor of Avalon. Martin Pagliughi, signed the executive order, which takes effect right away.

The beach in Avalon will now be closed from 9pm until 4am and the boardwalk will be closed from 11pm until 4am.

Fox 29 quotes Pagliughi as saying, "The continuance of this order is to provide our local police department with the necessary authority to disperse large groups of individuals who are congregating in unmanageable numbers on public property which often results in unsafe and disruptive behavior. This unfortunate measure is a direct result of Governor Murphy’s destruction of effective enforcement of laws pertaining to juveniles, and the elimination of certain police powers."

Fox 29 says the mayor says parents need to take an active role in reigning in their children in this matter. The report says that "the beach and boardwalk have both been sites that have experienced vandalism to public property and excessive litter and debris created by large groups of individuals who congregate at night."

Only police and authorized personnel will be allowed to be on the beach and boardwalk in Avalon during the restricted times.

SOURCE: Fox 29.

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