Nothing but love for the holiday season, but summer is such a special time here in South Jersey that it's always difficult to say goodbye.

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Yes, it's November. Yes, summer's long gone. The 2020 summer season felt like it was gone in the blink of an eye. We say that every year, right? This summer, though, is a different case entirely. Due to COVID-19, the season didn't officially kick off until almost a month and a half after it normally would. That means we lost roughly four or five weekends to enjoy all of what South Jersey has to offer during the summer months. That includes all the boardwalk fun.

If you head over to the 'Wildwood Boardwalk' Facebook page, you'll see a post showcasing the ghost town that the boardwalk has now become due to the season coming to an end. There's something even more eerie about this, though. Absolutely no one can be found on the boards. An empty boardwalk even during the off-season seems rare to me. I love strolling the boards during off-season obviously because there are no crowds, but I'm normally not completely alone when I do choose to take a walk.

This video, though.... there's NOBODY. While there are some businesses that remain open all year round, those are very few and far between. There's something about seeing the boardwalk completely empty that gives me the heebie jeebies. I would still go and enjoy my solitude, but knowing how busy it usually is versus what it's become now (whether that's weather/season-related or not) has got me wondering whether or not people are choosing not to venture there due to the pandemic.

To be fair, the footage was taken on Monday, November 2nd which was an extremely cold and windy day. Still, it's weird not to see a single soul on the boards.

Check it out for yourself:



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