Do you dread Mondays?   Do you spend your Sunday nights worrying about Monday morning? You are not alone. Mondays are often associated with anxiety and gloom. Monday morning blues are a real thing, but life is too short to feel that way.   

A recent survey of 11,000 workers, commissioned by the consultancy group, Mercer, revealed we’re more likely to be ill or take time off at the start of the week, with 35 percent of all sick days falling on a Monday. A study from Maryland University showed that heart attacks peak on that day of the week, even if we don’t work.

Why are Monday blues so widespread, even when we are in fulfilling jobs? "Most of us habitually attach negative meanings to the day," says life coach Becki Houlston.  "We associate Mondays with a loss of freedom. We miss choosing how we will spend our time." Monday marks the end of relaxed, free hours and the end of days shared with family and friends. So how can we stop our mood from sinking when Sunday draws to a close?  We have five ways to hate Mondays less and embrace them a little more.

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    Do Things Differently

    "Begin thinking differently about Monday and start doing things differently on that day," says psychologist Anne Archer, editor of 101 Coaching Strategies And Techniques. "Making small, incremental changes will have a powerful effect on the way you think and feel. On Sunday, list five small things you could do differently on Monday. For example, give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning to read a book. Yes, most of us are rushing around on Mondays, but just imagine how much calmer and motivated you’ll feel to get out of bed if you start the day this way. You can do this by hitting the hay early and even by getting your meals and outfits ready the night before!" Don't forget to get a good night's sleep on Sunday evening to start the week off feeling refreshed.

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    Fill It With Fun

    Add a little fun to your work week. This can be made possible by doing something you really enjoy on Monday, instead of waiting for the weekend.   Adding a few weekend-style treats to your working week can make Mondays feel a little less stressful. Many of us live for the weekend and look forward to having the time to rest, see friends, go shopping or out for a meal. If we make time, there’s nothing to stop us having a mid-week date with friends or going to the cinema after work. Why keep all the fun stuff and good times for the weekend?

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    Plan Ahead

    Make a list of a few things to get done throughout the week so they don't all hit you at once on Monday morning. A little forward planning can help us start the week more smoothly. "We make Mondays so much more miserable by believing we should be more productive," says Martin Boroson, author of The One Moment Master. "But Mondays are not the time for challenging work. There’s no point in cold calling, making a sales pitch or having a difficult conversation. Monday mornings are the perfect time to do things that can make the rest of the week more productive, such as cleaning out some files or, better still, clarifying your goals for the week."

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    Change it

    If you find it 100% impossible to get rid of your Sunday scaries or Monday blues, then maybe it’s time to make a big change. You may just be that unhappy with your job or routine- and that’s okay! Just use that as a drive to change your ways to live the happy like you deserve!

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    Clear Your Mind

    Clearing your mind with mini meditations can help you to feel calmer. Few of us have time to relax on a Monday, but moments of stillness in the day can be beneficial. Find a quiet place, set a watch or mobile phone alarm for exactly one minute. Put your legs and hands in relaxed but fixed positions. Close your eyes and allow your mind to settle into your breathing. When the alarm goes off, stop. By doing just a little meditation, you will be a bit more at peace with the day.

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