When's the last time you took a stroll around Cape May?

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If you haven't been out and about in Cape May for at least a week, then you may be surprised to see what awaits you upon your return. Multiple sources have reported that igloos are being placed around town, specifically at a Christmastime favorite location, Congress Hall.

These new additions come after Governor Murphy announced that he's granting permission for restaurants to install domes outdoors so they can continue serving guests into the winter months. Congress Hall in Cape May are the first in town to install the pods. According to the Wildwood Video Archive, CH has installed a total of twelve pods out on their front lawn, all with perfect views of their legendary Christmas tree.

Guests may come and rent an igloo which can accommodate up to eight people at a time. It's important to note however that the rental cost of the igloo itself is separate from your food and beverage costs. Food and beverage are additional.

Anyone on the hunt for a bit of holiday magic this year has surely found it with these igloo installations. Honestly, what's more wintery than an igloo? Also, if the rental price is intimidating, if you go with a group, that cost can be divided up between your party. A nice night out filled with some Christmas magic? That's what we're all chasing right now, isn't it?



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