Fall just wouldn't be complete without some pumpkin in your life, but did you know that the pumpkin is technically a fruit? If not, don’t worry we didn't either. It's why we decided to do some research on this seasonal symbol.

Check out the list below to learn some not so well known facts about everyone's fall favorite - pumpkins! How many did you already know?

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    What Is the Pumpkin's Real Name?

    The pumpkin's full name is not just “pumpkin” it's actually Cucurbita Pepo.

    By NiseriN
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    When Was the Pumpkin's First Appearance?

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    What Is a Pumpkin Made of?

    Believe it or not the pumpkin is actually made up of 90% water. 

    By peredniankina
  • 4

    Is the Pumpkin a Vegtable?

    A pumpkin is technically a fruit , and is a member of the gourd family.

    By LaraMaroon
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    How Soon Do Pumpkins Need to be Planted to be Ready for Halloween?

    In order to be ready for Halloween carvings they must be planted by late May to early July.

    By AllenSphoto
  • 6

    Is the Pumpkin Pie America's Favorite Pie?

    According to the American Pie Council, pumpkin pie is America’s second favorite kind of pie after apple pie.

    By agcuesta
  • 7

    What Were Pumpkins Used for Before Being Used for Halloween?

    They were once used as a remedy for snake bites, as well as a cure for freckles.

    By Piotr Marcinski
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    What Is the "Pumpkin Capital" of the United States?

    The “pumpkin capital” of the United States is Morton, Illinois.

    By William Howell
  • 9

    Has the Pumpkin Pie Always Been Around?

    In the early colonial times pumpkin was used in the crusts of pies, not as the filling.

  • 10

    How Many Different Types of Pumpkin Are There?

    There’s actually more than one type of pumpkin - there’s a total of 45 different types!

    By Maksymowicz