I guess it's the colder weather that's keeping us more indoors and in front of the TV.

I found that my viewing habits have changed as well. I used to be more of a Netflix "movie guy", but thanks to recommendations from friends and family, I find myself watching more and more show on Netflix.

Early this month I offered some suggestions of what to watch. You can find those here. Now, here's five more attractions to watch on Netflix:

1. "Atypical." The story revolves around a family of four. The son is on the autism spectrum, and much of the show is how he deals with life - and, how life deals with him. There's also some good story lines involving the rest of the family members. While there is some drama, there are plenty of humorous moments too. Once I started, I binged watch straight through all three seasons. Thankfully, it appears there will be one more season.

2. "Living with Yourself." I call it a science fiction series without any science fiction. Paul Rudd stars as a husband who..... well, I won't give it away. Two seasons worth, and it's pretty compelling. Sometimes, it gets bogged down by backtracking what already happened, but it's well worth it as the story unfolds.

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3. "I Think You Should Leave." It's a show - a sketch comedy show, starring  39-year-old comedian Tim Robinson. The stories/sketches are all very unique - not stuff you've seen before. I describe it as a show that was probably written at 2am after several days of no sleep.

4. "The Vanished." An action thriller movie starring Anne Heche. She plays a wife on a camping vacation with her wife and little girl. The little girl goes missing, and the movie revolves around them searching for the girl - with little or no help from the cops or area residents.

5. "Into the Wild." A truth-based story about a young man who chucks it all and heads for the wilds of Alaska. I won't spoil the story, but it's good. I remembering hearing about the man's story before it was made into a movie. Very well done.

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