At just 21-years-old, a Mays Landing man now faces charges of not only robbery but attempted murder after he and an accomplice failed to carry out a plan to rob their drug dealer in Vineland.

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A drug deal gone wrong is the reason for Tahjir Rease of Mays Landing getting indicted on multiple charges after allegedly failing to rob and kill a dealer from Cumberland County. While he's the only one currently in custody, he didn't commit the crimes alone. According to, Rease did, in fact, have an accomplice who has yet to be identified.

The whole ordeal sounds pretty brutal. claims that Rease and the accomplice made contact with the Vineland resident expressing their intent to purchase marijuana. Upon arriving to the residence, however, they both allegedly played a part in an attempt to rob the dealer which involved holding a weapon up to his/her head. The gender of the dealer has not been identified.

According to reports, the accomplice fired a weapon on Rease's command, hitting multiple people present at the garage on the property where the incident took place as the dealer was not the only one occupying it at the time. The accomplice did manage to get away after the shots were fired and still has yet to come forward or be found by the authorities.

Rease maintains his innocence in the whole ordeal. Read more HERE.


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