A woman from South Jersey says she saw what she thinks was a mountain lion in Cumberland County Saturday night (November 19, 2022).

The woman, who we'll identify as "C," said her sighting happened about 9 pm as she was traveling south on Buckshutem Road, heading toward Laurel Lake.

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C said she was driving home from Millville, taking a route she often takes, when she saw something:

"As I turned off Cedar and onto Buckshutem and passing Millville Airport on my left, a large "buck-like" cat darted out in front of my car. It was too fast and too bulky to be a deer, solid in color, similar to a dog in appearance (at night) but FAST. Its head was not that of a dog, but of a cat, and it was muscular."

C said she told her husband about the encounter and he suggested it was a coyote, but after googling photos of a coyote, she said it was definitely not a coyote.

C further states. "It rad from the right side of Buckshutem Road into the woods on my left-hand side (by the Millville Airport and race track."

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is the second Millville area sighting of a possible mountain lion or cougar in the Millville area. Back in August, another witness claimed to have seen a similar animal on route 347, a few miles south of the Millville airport.

The woman who had the August sighting said:

"I spotted a mountain lion on the opposite side of the road. I do have a dash cam but I was doing 60 mph in the 50 so the video clip/animal sighting is super brief. I did, however, take a zoomed-in picture & while still low-quality the color of this animal really comes thru. It was crouched with its back/tail in my direction & I had startled it/causing it to look back."
Her story can be found here.
This is the latest in a number of articles I've written this year about possible mountain lion sightings in New Jersey.
As I often state, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is on record as saying, "There are no mountain lions in New Jersey."
Have you had similar recent experiences as the witnesses above? If so, I'd love to hear your story. Send an email to joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

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